Our business areas

Our business areas

Taking the first step

Your PwC Graduate career starts here! Take a look at our business areas and see where you can fit in as you take the first steps on an exciting career ladder.

A career at PwC is not just about accounting. Sure, we crunch numbers from time to time, but we also aim to solve as many important business problems as possible.

To do this, we have experts covering a range of diverse business areas. Where do you fit in? Well, that’s up to you.

As a Summer Intern or Graduate, choosing your area of business is deciding the field in which you’ll hone your skills, build a network and learn your craft to become a subject-matter expert. That’s not to say you’ll stay in this one area, as part of our flexible structure you’ll get to work across a range of our business areas.

Your career with PwC starts here. Please feel free to browse our business areas and find a place where you feel you belong. We’d love to hear how you get on.

Actuarial Services

(Part of our Consulting business)

Actuarial Services at PwC is all about working with probability. With us, Graduates with skills in maths, stats, computer science or economics can start their career to become a qualified Actuary, developing skills, business experience and higher qualifications along the way.

One thing we know about life is there’s no crystal ball telling businesses and government exactly what’s around the corner. In fact, it might be quite boring if there was. And yet, both organisations can benefit hugely by looking at what is likely to happen. For that, they need the help of Actuaries ‐ financial mathematicians specialising in measuring and identifying risk and outcomes.

PwC Graduates in Actuarial Services assist Kiwi businesses by analysing and modelling uncertain future events. One day you might be helping an insurance company calculate the risk of clients having an accident, the next, working with the public sector to find valuable interventions and ultimately improve lifetime outcomes for millions of Kiwis. We investigate new and proven ways of modelling and managing risks, even those that are around the corner and out of view, using cutting-edge technology and the skills and experience of our actuaries.

With PwC, you’ll join one of the largest actuarial consulting practices in New Zealand in either our Auckland or Wellington offices. There, you’ll receive around-the-clock support to establish and develop your career ‐ including substantial study support to complete the professional actuarial qualification ‐ as you learn from our experts each and every day.

For more information, please visit Actuarial Services.


Credibility for a business takes a lifetime to build and a moment to lose. As a Graduate in PwC’s Assurance team, you’ll use your broad skill set to help even the odds in New Zealand’s favour.

For all organisations – from family businesses to large NZX-listed firms – credibility is everything. While many of the rules of business have changed, the fundamentals haven’t.

Independent Assurance is key to sustaining confidence in both a client’s company and financial systems at large. As market leaders, we strive to give our clients an intelligent, imaginative and resourceful service. Our teams analyse all aspect of our clients’ activities, providing real value to a wide range of their business activities. In addition to giving investors’ confidence, our Assurance practice helps management to make well-informed decisions and successfully navigate today’s complex operating environment.

As a PwC Graduate within Assurance you will be exposed to diverse pieces of work, ranging from external audit to internal audit, data analytics, IT and project assurance. With this in mind, our Graduates need to be agile, not narrow or binary in background, in course and/or experience. With a willingness to learn and adapt, as part of the team, you’ll be at the forefront of our business, and will develop the skills and industry know-how needed to launch your career.

In our innovative atmosphere, you’ll work with pioneering businesses, use market-leading tools and resources (some of which you won’t find anywhere else), and learn from the very best in the business.

See the areas of Assurance:
Data and Analytics, Financial Assurance, Internal Audit, IT and Project Assurance, Risk and Compliance

Business Recovery Services

(Part of our Deals business)

If you enjoy finding the best possible solutions to difficult problems and turning struggling Kiwi businesses around, a Graduate role in Business Recovery could be for you.

Business difficulties can arise from any number of causes, including growing pains, operational missteps, failure to move with the times, mismanagement and rapidly changing market conditions. Graduates in our Business Recovery team use good communication, cooperation and a pragmatic approach to help companies emerge from times of hardship wiser and stronger.

As a PwC Graduate, you will work alongside businesses and stakeholders to give a fresh and objective perspective, assist in developing concise and relevant information for decision making, and launch turnaround strategies. Should the business difficulties be too extreme, you’ll play a crucial role in the formal insolvency process, when a professional, empathetic and rational head is needed most.

As a Graduate in the Business Recovery team, you will be supported in developing a strategic, commercial, logical, analytical and investigative approach to solving problems. You will learn to build trusting relationships and guide businesses with empathy, objectivity, listening and good communication.

Businesses will always struggle; but with your help, Kiwi organisations and their stakeholders can pre-empt and navigate these difficult times and develop the best, lasting solution to their problem.

For more information, please visit Business Recovery Services.

Cloud Accounting and Virtual Finance

(Part of our Private Business)

Are you passionate about technology, innovation and helping Kiwi businesses succeed?

Graduates in our Cloud Accounting and Virtual Finance team are all about using the latest in digital tech to help growing SMEs stay ahead of the curve and reach their goals.

We’re an island nation at the bottom of the world full of ambitious privately owned businesses. In the Cloud Accounting and Virtual Finance team (CA&VF), we work with some of New Zealand’s most inspirational entrepreneurs to tackle their most important problems, solve key issues and give them a hand up onto the global stage.

As you can probably tell from our name, digital is embedded in the CA&VF team – and this starts with our Graduates. Cloud technology is revolutionising the way businesses operate and it’s a huge part of our Graduate’s day-to-day job. From analysing real-time info to help business owners make decisions on the go, to preparing month-end management reports and annual financial statements, cloud technologies are helping us reimagine everything we do.

Graduates in our CA&VF team get to work with a diverse range of awesome businesses, learn from the experts and get stuck into the latest digital technology – all while working in one of the fastest-growing parts of the global PwC network.

For more information, please visit PwC’s Next, our digital private business offering and also our cloud accounting and virtual finance team pages for more info.

Corporate Finance

(Part of our Deals business)

If you’re a Graduate looking for experience in mergers, acquisitions and valuations, PwC’s market-leading Corporate Finance team is the ideal environment to learn.

PwC’s Corporate Finance team is the highest performing of its kind in New Zealand. In fact, we have been the top-ranked company by volume of transactions since 2005 (Thompson Reuters). What better way to start your career than as a Graduate in mergers, acquisitions and valuations.

We help shareholders and executives find value by providing M&A advice, financial-focused strategic advice, modelling services and business valuations. You might be identifying targets for acquisition, raising business capital, valuing companies, assisting in deals, negotiating strategies and much more.

We aim to continue taking the top spot for a long time yet, though we can only do that by working as a solid unit. As a part of the Corporate Finance team, you’ll have the support, advice and structure you need to start your post-university career in the best way possible.

The sky’s the limit in corporate finance. It’s where PwC CEO Mark Averill learnt his trade, after all!

For more information, please visit Corporate Finance.


(Part of our Consulting business)

PwC’s Cyber team operates on the cutting edge, developing new solutions to one of the world’s most pressing problems. Graduate careers have rarely been more exciting!

The world cannot go on with the same line of thinking around cyber security. At PwC, we’re working every day to change the conversation, engage with those at risk of a cyber attack and create new solutions to keep up with the world’s most complex and threatening problems.

Our award-winning Cyber team is a place for forward-thinking individuals to come together and set a new standard. A Graduate career with us will place you right where the action is, developing your skills, knowledge, experience and networks, while providing the support you need to make a difference.

Expect to learn a lot and to become familiar with market-leading resources as we work with both recognisable brands and small businesses alike to confront the ever-growing challenge of cyber security.

For more information, please visit Cyber.

Data and Analytics

(Part of our Assurance business and Digital Consulting)

If you’re passionate about using information to level the playing field and bring about valuable insights and smart organisational change, a graduate career in PwC’s Data and Analytics team could be for you!

The volume of data is doubling every 18 months to a year. Today, data is incredibly valuable, though it can be hard for organisations to find what they need.

Instead of casting their hooks blindly into a sea of information, PwC’s Data and Analytics team works with public-and private-sector clients to make informed and smart decisions, helping them to land the big one!

As a Graduate with PwC, you’ll be taught to use the tools, strategies, technologies and techniques to unlock real data value. With a business eye, you can use information to drive huge organisational change, delivering value, as well as managing potential risks.

Through PwC’s global network, you’ll also have unrivalled support, both in New Zealand and around the world, to make sure the first step of your Data and Analytics career is the right one.

See the other areas of Assurance:
Financial Assurance, Internal Audit, IT and Project Assurance, Risk and Compliance

See also:
Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting

(Part of our Consulting business)

World-class organisations don’t compete on price, products, or features – they compete on experience. Your Graduate career in PwC’s Digital Consulting team is all about building business capabilities and strategies with human-centred design at the very centre. 

From services and products to strategies and innovation hubs, Digital Consulting supports clients in delivering great experiences. Our team are passionate about people, and we understand that great experiences come from placing them at the centre of everything we do.

As a Graduate in this area, you’ll be placed into a team with varied backgrounds – from designers to analysts – as we help to create experiences and solutions that people love. That means no two days are the same. One day you could be prototyping digital services, the next you could be brainstorming end-to-end customer solutions.

There’s a reason our clients come back for more, and new ones knock on our door – we help to solve complex solutions in the smartest possible way. As a part of this leading-edge team, you’ll be working with strategy and design experts at every turn, helping you to learn new skills, satiate your thirst for knowledge and work with the tools that enable you to do the best, most rewarding work of your life.

For more information, please visit Digital Consulting.

Finance and Economics

(Part of our Consulting business)

From working with government to supporting big Kiwi brands – and everything in between – a Graduate career in finance and economics is as diverse as it is rewarding.

PwC is a global leader in finance and economics. Our people work with the Government to help fine-tune public policy, while at the same time supporting household Kiwi companies to deliver their financial and commercial functions. In this hot-bed of business, we’re looking for Graduates to take their first career steps with us.

As you develop your skills and experience, you’ll be able to play to your strengths. That might include complex financial modelling to support a valuation, economic impact analyses, cost-benefit analysis as part of a business case for an infrastructure investment, legislative reviews, providing advice on commercial strategy or a transaction, or a multitude of other important tasks.

From day one, you’ll have support, not only from our local teams in our seven New Zealand offices but through PwC’s global network. We’ll give you the tools and the opportunity to learn; all you have to bring is your enthusiasm for helping Kiwi businesses refine their finance and economic capabilities.

For more information, please visit Finance and Economics.

Financial Assurance

(Part of our Assurance business)

Businesses that can prove the credibility of their financial disclosures have a real advantage. PwC Graduates in our Financial Assurance team help Kiwi businesses stay true.

From Mum-and-Dad businesses to New Zealand’s largest enterprises, each company has to regularly prove its credibility through its financial disclosures. Financial assurance is a way to review these disclosures proactively in order to open up new opportunities for the business.

In a nut-shell, this is the task of PwC’s Financial Assurance team – but the actual role is much deeper and more diverse than you might first assume. PwC’s Financial Assurance team not only works with some of New Zealand’s most interesting and pioneering businesses, we use the tools, experience and (perhaps most importantly) the various skill-sets of our people to make a difference.

And as a PwC Graduate, you’ll be right where the action is, helping our team take the right steps, do the right things, and put in place the right processes to help Kiwi companies stay compliant and build their credibility. You’ll learn from our Partners and Directors, absorbing valuable skills and gaining a wide range of experience to kick-start your career.

See the other areas of Assurance:
Data and AnalyticsInternal Audit, IT and Project Assurance, Risk and Compliance

Forensic Services

(Part of our Consulting business)

It’s not exactly CSI, but if you’re interested in investigating financial crimes and disputes, a Graduate career in our Forensic Services team could be a real blockbuster.

Forensic services is the ambition to continuously manage risks, protect reputation and deliver value in the face of economic crime. From working in anti-money laundering to preventing cyber-crime and responding to a whole heap of other financial misconducts, your work is valued across the New Zealand economy.

PwC’s 2,000-strong Forensic Services team is armed with the technology and experience to manage both internal and external risks, unearth precious insights on supplier trust and make sure information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

As a Graduate with us, you’ll learn incredibly diverse and valuable skills, develop a keen eye for detail and build a strong network, allowing you to get a foothold in this crucial area of business. With these arrows in your quiver, we can help to protect the reputation of countless New Zealand organisations for years to come.

For more information, please visit Forensic Services.

Global and Mergers & Acquisitions Tax

(Part of our Tax business)

Fancy working with multinationals and NZ Government solving important tax problems? You’ll have a great foundation in one of our fastest-moving areas of business.

Many people know PwC for our tax services. While these days it’s only one part of our wider business, we’re proud of the reputation we have for offering the best tax advice and solutions in New Zealand – and to continue that, we need eager minds. In return, we provide Graduates with an exciting and diverse work life with the support they need to accelerate their careers.

Tax is receiving significant media coverage globally and impacting the way multinationals do business. That’s why we have our fingers on the pulse of tax policy debates and contribute specialist insights that positively influence the tax laws of tomorrow.

A Graduate in our Global and M&A Tax team will work with our Partners to advise a variety of clients on complex tax rules to help businesses close strategic deals in key markets. You’ll also get the opportunity to work on a broad range of tax assignments and interact with other parts of the PwC business, at home and overseas.

For more information, please visit Corporate Tax.

Internal Audit

(Part of our Assurance business)

A Graduate career in PwC’s Internal Audit team teaches you the basics of improving business performance.

There are many reasons why organisations need an internal audit. The typical business is more complex than ever, meaning there are opportunities they aren’t taking and risks that are going unmanaged.

An internal audit is about providing an independent, expert and ‘outsider’ analysis on the condition and performance of the organisation. With the right information and advice, the client can improve operations and build the confidence that stakeholders have in the company.

If you’re inspired to be part of a team that drives this type of change for a wide range of New Zealand organisations, large and small – you’ll find a place in our Internal Audit team here at PwC.

See the other areas of Assurance:
Data and Analytics, Financial Assurance, IT and Project Assurance, Risk and Compliance

IT and Project Assurance

(Part of our Assurance business)

Finding the value and optimal performance in technology projects relies on having the right people behind it. Our Graduate career opportunities could be your window into this exciting world.

Every year, almost NZ$20 billion is wasted on failed IT projects by the world’s 500 largest companies. Not only is that a staggering amount of money, it’s squandered by companies you think would know better. PwC’s IT and Project Assurance team works hard to help make sure this doesn’t happen for New Zealand businesses, big and small. After all, you don’t need to spend a fortune on getting optimal performance from your technology projects; you just need the right people doing valuable things.

A Graduate career with PwC’s IT and Project Assurance division teaches you advanced skills in programme management, infrastructure security, database security, third-party assurance and opinion services, IT control reviews, process improvement and sustainability services, Sarbanes-Oxley readiness, pre-and post-implementation systems reviews, and much more.

You’ll be surrounded by people who will nurture you throughout your career, providing the valuable experience and expertise you need to start your post-university profession. While many businesses will continue wasting money on IT, with your help, we want to make sure that our clients optimise the return on their investment and get the most of their new technology.

See the other areas of Assurance:
Data and Analytics, Financial Assurance, Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance

Management Consulting

(Part of our Consulting business)

A Graduate career with PwC’s Management Consulting team provides you with real-world experience in leadership, management and strategy. 

While many see businesses as separate entities in their own right, an organisation is simply a collection of people and assets. If public and private sector organisations don’t make the most of their people, they really are missing out.

In the face of rising costs, operational inefficiencies and skill gaps, it’s not easy to enable people to do their best work. This is where our Management Consulting team shine.

As a Graduate in management consulting, you’ll be exposed to a variety of project environments. These could include transformation, change management, organisational design and operating model design – a diverse workload that will help you learn quickly and build your consulting toolkit.

For more information, please visit Management Consulting.

Market Value Direct

(Part of our Deals business)

Being a Graduate in the Market Value Direct team will give you first-hand experience in performing financial-instrument valuations.

Many of PwC’s clients hold financial instruments – equities, debt, derivatives, etc. The problem is, it helps to have a view on the value of transactions. Whether it’s estimating the valuation impact of credit risk, capturing the impact of complex terms or managing poor or non-existent input data, this can be a real challenge.

But that’s where our Market Value Direct (MVD) team gets involved. We focus on supporting clients and audit teams by estimating appropriate valuations on their financial instruments – from simple equity holdings to structured products in their vast complexity. To our MVD team, there’s no feeling like solving an issue that no one else could, which is why clients turn to PwC.

As a Graduate, you’ll learn from the experts. With enthusiasm and a mind for learning, you’ll pick up the skills and experience to further your career in an important part of the PwC firm. You’ll also have the opportunity to work closely with our extensive book of clients, gain first-hand experience of the different issues our clients face, and take away insights into how we manage them.

Private Business

Every private business is different so, as a Graduate, you have the opportunity to find what feels right for you as you learn in a diverse business environment.

New Zealand’s private business sector is one of the best in the world – quite frankly, we think it is the best. From small family-owned firms to larger household names, our clients rely on PwC to support their operations and put them on the global stage.

A Graduate joining our Private Business team will find themselves in a truly diverse environment, filled with subject-matter experts and interesting companies with game-changing products and services. That means we need people who are just as aspirational as the owners, and can provide everything from annual compliance to strategy advice; financial reporting to help with business transactions.

As a PwC Graduate, you’ll learn how varied and exciting New Zealand’s private business sector really is, as you gain the experience and learn the skills needed to carve out a career in this awesome area of business!

For more information, please visit Private Business.

PwC Legal

PwC Legal combines the expertise of our law specialists with the commercial savvy of our wider firm, meaning Graduates have a place to grow like no other.

There’s a new place for law Graduates to cut their teeth! PwC Legal is a separate and independent law firm designed to navigate the complex legal and commercial landscape we live in today.

Through the local and global PwC network, we draw on the expertise of our tax, consulting, private business and deals areas to offer a unique and commercially aware legal service. With legal expertise in 90 countries, PwC’s key differentiator is the collaboration we have and knowledge we can share to provide an all-inclusive, seamless and focused service to our clients.

We’re on the lookout for smart, commercially savvy and pragmatic Graduates to help us support our clients. As a member of our team, you have the chance to work with a broad range of clients in a number of industries, with the support of PwC’s expert staff to accelerate your learning.

For more information, please visit PwC Legal.

Real Estate Advisory

(Part of our Deals business)

A Graduate in our Real Estate Advisory team will have the opportunity to build a broad foundation of property consultancy experience in this high-impact industry.

From Otago to Auckland and beyond, organisations need real estate advisers to ensure they get the most value from their property and land. Now more than ever, real estate is becoming one of the most important considerations our clients have, so forming a strategy around it can yield great results.

Graduates joining PwC’s Real Estate Advisory team will have the chance to learn how to handle the entire property lifecycle. From identifying property for investment and operational purposes, negotiating and transacting acquisitions and disposals, managing leasing arrangements, project and development management, performing risk analyses, reviewing portfolios, and advising on rental reviews, there’s a lot of value to add in regarding how our clients manage their real estate.

Expect to work with corporate, government and institutional investors, tenants or owner-occupiers, learning from our industry leaders and building your skills in a crucial industry. For the right candidate, we have the breadth of work to expose you to all stages of forming a property or portfolio strategy, leading through transactions and delivering projects. As you progress your career, you’ll play an important role in making our economy stronger and growing, brick by brick, in the right direction.

For more information, please visit Real Estate Advisory.

Risk and Compliance

(Part of our Assurance business)

PwC’s Risk and Compliance team is adept at developing Graduates into industry-ready professionals by providing real-world experiences.

Risk and compliance is no longer a dirty word. Whereas many organisations once saw it as a hindrance, more are now viewing it as a strategic opportunity to create value and improve the way they work on a day-to-day basis.

Graduates joining our Risk and Compliance team will quickly find that it’s an incredibly diverse sector to work in. Each business has its own risks and set of compliance obligations; how they manage them also varies wildly. With our team, you’ll help to build sounder, more resilient companies across New Zealand by analysing risk, managing compliance, strengthening governance and a whole heap of nuances that are too different to mention.

As always, you’ll be in an environment where you can learn your trade, gain some real-world experience and develop into a valued member of New Zealand’s team of risk management experts.

See the other areas of Assurance:
Data and Analytics, Financial Assurance, Internal Audit, IT and Project Assurance


(Part of our Consulting business)

A Graduate role in our brand new Strategy consulting team will have you working to solve today’s most challenging strategic issues and inspire companies to take bold actions.  

PwC’s Strategy team is part of a global team of practical strategists, committed to helping organisations succeed in an increasingly complex business world.

We offer strategy-through-execution services under one roof and work with some of the country’s biggest private and public sector organisations to develop winning strategies. We collaborate heavily with our offices across Australia, South East Asia and beyond, to bring our best global thinking to our New Zealand clients.

In the strategy practice, you’ll join a team of professionals who are committed to our clients’ success, through fresh thinking and a collaborative approach. We tell it like it is, bold and unafraid. Does that sound like you?

For more information, please visit Strategy& and Strategy.

Tax Digital and Year End Solutions

(Part of our Tax business)

Do you want a career in tax, but are you also passionate about using technology and innovation to solve problems?

Technology is changing rapidly and tax is very much part of it. PwC’s MyTax Partner combines tax advisory services and solutions with a suite of automation tools targeted at helping our clients to reimagine their tax delivery using software and intelligent automation. At PwC, we’re embracing new and existing technologies to enable us to transform the approach to tax, and we’re constantly looking at new ways to deliver a better service to our clients.

Tax Graduates get to work with a diverse range of clients and on varied assignments – far more than just tax return preparation. You will have the opportunity to engage with organisations on technology solutions and may be part of a delivery team for a tailored digital solution.

Some of our team are also at the forefront of driving new solutions and technology offerings. In your day-to-day job, whether you’re providing tax advice or tax compliance services, technology is a key driver of our solutions and allows us to be flexible, mobile and collaborate with each other and our clients.

For more information, please visit MyTaxPartner and Tax Services

Technology Consulting

(Part of our Consulting business)

If you’ve got the gift, a Graduate position in our Technology Consulting team will put you on the cutting edge of the tech revolution.

Successful businesses are characterised by agility, efficiency and a focus on using technology to deliver unique customer experiences. The best of them constantly reinvent themselves to stay ahead of the game and, at PwC, we use technology to help them to do that.

Graduates in our Technology Consulting team will build their commercial and technical experience working at the forefront of digital enablement, cloud and automation, and new enterprise applications. You’ll be supported by our experienced team and global network to help organisations reimagine their use of technology to drive business value, move to the cloud, and to implement new technologies, like robotics and artificial intelligence.

It’s a diverse career and calls for people with both technical knowledge and an eagerness to stay ahead of the pack. Does that sound like you?

For more information, please visit Technology.

Transaction Services

(Part of our Deals business)

Would you like to work with the largest dedicated due diligence team in the country? Our Transaction Services team is a gateway for Graduates to gain vital experience.

Commercial transactions are all about planning and communicating. Informed decisions come from deeply analysing financial performance and position, understanding the risks, opportunities and reasons for buying or selling. Good communication and positive relationships then ensure that a deal is reached that gets the best value for the client.

At PwC, we’re involved with more deals than any other New Zealand firm, and have the largest dedicated due diligence team in the country. We manage this through both our market-leading resources and the great talent behind us, meaning you’ll have unrivalled support and opportunities during your time with PwC.

Your day might involve transactions on both the buy and sell side, IPOs, tracking capital markets, investments, divestments and more. It’s just a taste of what goes on, and in our Transaction Services team you’ll have a real opportunity to learn from our 6,000-strong staff in the PwC network.

For more information, please visit Transaction Services.

Treasury Advisory

(Part of our Deals business)

A career in the Treasury Advisory team is about managing exposure to financial markets and strategising with businesses. Could your Graduate career start here with PwC? 

Virtually every business is exposed to the financial markets in some way, be it through foreign-exchange, interest rates, funding and liquidity, or even investment risks. Left unmanaged, these exposures can have a massive impact on profitability and shareholder value over a short amount of time. So, we manage them.

PwC’s Treasury Advisory team supports businesses by designing robust policies and hedging strategies to mitigate risk as well as identify opportunities in financial markets. Our clients range from SMEs to large publically listed companies across the full spectrum of industries. We provide expert risk management and hedging strategy advice to form solutions that help organisations navigate what can be volatile and unknown waters.

As a Graduate, you’ll learn from our experts. You’ll work closely with our extensive book of clients to gain first-hand experience with the different issues our clients face, as well as insight into how we manage them. And, of course, you’ll have our support every step of the way through the tools we provide and the people who’ll bring out the best in you.

For more information, please visit Treasury and Debt Advisory.