Helping our communities


Step up and get involved

We’re committed to making a difference and encourage our people to do the same. Whether it’s for our communities, the environment or the way we do business – corporate responsibility is part of our DNA.

Putting your best foot forward

That’s why we set up the PwC Foundation, a community involvement program that leverages the enormous talent, enthusiasm and generosity of our people across New Zealand. It’s an opportunity to make a significant and lasting contribution in your community, including:

  • using your volunteer leave days to work with one of our charity partners
  • mentoring a student in the PwC Scholarship programme
  • volunteering to act as a champion for a community initiative
  • supporting colleagues participating in a community initiative
  • putting forward new ideas on how we can help our community.

PwC has this great initiative called FLiP (financial literacy programme) that allows any PwC employee to go and spend a day at a primary school teaching about principles such as saving and debt management. Seeing primary children understand these core principles in life makes working at PwC that much more rewarding. – Kalolo Haufano

FLiP Foundation

Get involved

With us, you can step up, get involved, and make a significant and lasting contribution to the communities we work with.

At PwC we have two annual volunteer days. In my first few months of work, I had the opportunity to organise one day for our team to volunteer together. I worked with the Christchurch City Council rangers, and as a team, we spent the day out at Styx Mill a local reserve in Christchurch and did some grunt work. It was manual labour, gardening mostly, followed by a BBQ and refreshments. It was a great team-bonding experience while doing a bit of good in the community. – Luke Gillespie